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Q R Technology Explained

tagQR Memories provides a way to help remember, and at the same time, allow others, perhaps even people who never knew the person who has died, to learn a little more about them, and what they achieved during their life. QR codes can be placed into new or existing stone memorials on graves, or next to a tree or shrub, on a bench, or even a metal plaque. In every case, the code is linked directly to the relevant page on our website, offering the user the opportunity to learn more from text, photos and video. The majority of people nowadays have access to a smart device which has a QR reader on it.A simple application can be downloaded free of charge to most smart phones or other device. Simply aim the device at the code, placing it between the lines indicated on the screen, and the scanner will read the code and divert directly to the individual page on the QR Memories website. There you can read all about the person who has died, and even see an image of them. For those people without a smart phone, every one of our codes has a unique 7 digit reference number. Simply search for this or indeed the persons name on our website and you will be directed to the relevant page