Take a look at a few examples of our work...

Millennium grey with flowing script and moulded edge

Monochrome design of lake and Fells

Monochrome design of romantic couple

Foxglove and bee design with moulded edge Ogee

Natural slate memorial

Norman shaped grey memorial

St. Bees sandsone with hand-carved inscription

Off Peon and Mary design

White marble with carved surname

Gothic shaped large churchyard memorial with curved floral design and slate plate inlay

All honed Indian Grey with seperate flower vase and black enamel painted inscription

All polished Black Granite with coloured carnations flowers

Angel design half Ogee memorial

Blue Pearl Cross incorporated memorial

Coloured design

Dark grey and gold pin line

Football design

Full grave surround

Large gold truck design with large base and double vases

Half Ogee Black polished granite headstone- with daffodil design

Light grey with coloured design

Light grey memorial with deep carved roses

Half Ogee church window coloured design and photo locket

Large half Ogee

Holding Hands

Mary design

Part polished South African Dark Grey with gold leaf inscription

Large gold leaf desk top

Gold praying hands

Miners lamp

Romantic couple

Coloured robin

Horse and plough

Shepards crook

Jesus, Mary and Christ Child design on rough edge stone dark grey

Horse and plough

Monochrome floral design

Saint Design

Romantic couple walking together



Sacred heart

Laser image and turned vases

Old english intro

Part polished memorial with vase

Pearl blue and gold floral emblem

Poppies & Daffodils

Roses and gold pin line on black Ogee

Rugby ball design

Sea trout design

Our Lady design on large grey memorial

Pearl blue and designs

Gold praying hands and cross

Rainbow design

Roses scroll

Gold Rugby ball design

Truck design on black memorial